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Running Water

Virtual Challenge

The Purpose:


Fundamental Needs is dedicated to being a charity that targets all aspects of deficiencies within communities instead of focusing on only one facet of the problem. Fundamental Needs enters with an open mind, asking questions before developing plans. Letting each community’s greatest needs guide the project.


Much of our work happens on the Navajo Reservation, where 1/3 of the population does not have access to safe drinking water or sanitation, 15,000 homes do not have electricity, and there are only 13 grocery stores in the 27,000 square miles. To combat these problems, we have developed an after-school program to hire high school students to build and install off-grid water systems while also learning about the concepts involved (plumbing, solar power, and financial literacy). We are currently in three towns (Rock Point, Sweetwater, and Red Mesa, AZ) and are in the process of replicating our program to help families in need in Farmington and Shipock, NM.


The Plan:


Get active! Collectively get 50,000 miles in the month of July. Unlike a traditional walk or run, this experience will be virtual, allowing individuals to participate wherever and whenever they decide within the timeframe of the challenge.


**There will be weekly bonus challenges where participants can earn 25 extra points! Think along the lines of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Each bonus will start on Sundays. Participants must complete the challenge before the end of the week and MUST post a short video or picture on their social media to earn 25 extra points per challenge completed! MUST tag us!! If participants complete all 4 extra challenges they will receive a Fundamental Needs Flat Bill Hat at the end of the race!


We will ask for a small donation of $25.00 from each participant, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the projects discussed above. Our cumulative goal will be to raise $50,000 and make a real difference for families on the Navajo Reservation.


Fundraising Prizes:


The more you donate - the better the prizes!




$25 individual = win a virtual Bib, Fundamental Needs T-Shirt, 2oz Mineral Sunscreen


$50-$100 individual = win a Fundamental Needs t shirt, Fundamental Needs hat with Metal Logo, Sawyer Water Filtration Bottle, 2oz Mineral Sunscreen

The Process:


Follow these simple steps to participate:


• Register and join


• Set up your devices (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.) or download our Charity Footprints Apple or Android app.


• Beginning July 1st through July 31st engage in your aerobic activity of choice.


**Be sure to sign up early to receive your Fundamental Needs T-Shirt in time for the challenge! **


• Share your progress regularly on social media by posting pictures and short videos and spread awareness by word of mouth!

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