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Current Projects

Our first major project will be in Rock Point, Arizona (Navajo Reservation). Find more information under the project tab for project water.

We are also in the planning phase of a project that will begin to bring food security to the Rock Point region.  This project will involve a farmer's market, a couple of greenhouses, and a variety of educational resources. (More details coming soon)


We are in the startup phase of the company so what's needed most is to spread the word.  


Also, come check out our Kickstarter campaign 

Our mission is to work with communities to alleviate the suffering caused by inadequate access to a heat source, clean drinking water, and electricity here in the United States. 

Talk to a friend, donate, buy from the shop, and spread the word.  Even small acts can make a huge difference.  We are counting on your support to make a real difference in people's lives. 

A donation can go a long way. There are communities within the United States that are similar to developing countries and we are seeking to change that.  Even the smallest of donations can go a long way for people in poor situations.

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