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Fundamental Needs provides communities with the resources necessary to become their own solution. 

Fundamental Needs is designed to go into communities with questions, not solutions. Instead of coming with a one size fits all solution, we ask the community what it is that they need most and start to develop our plans from there.



Fundamental Needs works with High School students in our Oasis Project to build and install off-grid water systems in Rock Point, Sweetwater, Red Mesa, AZ, Shiprock, and Farmington, NM. At the beginning of 2024,  we will be piloting an Entrepreneurship program in Cortez, CO, where we teach high school students how to start a business. Check out the Startup Project for more info.

Fundamental Needs builds off-grid water systems and greywater gardens for families and elders that have lived their whole lives without running water or electricity. This year education is our focus. Kids at local high schools will now build and install our systems while also learning about the topics involved (plumbing, solar, agriculture, and financial literacy). Additionally, Fundamental Needs provides assistance with immediate needs such as firewood, water hauling, food boxes, and disaster relief (Marshall Fire). 

About us

​Fundamental Needs was formed to combat the inequalities caused by oversight and neglect. The founders of Fundamental Needs have all experienced or seen firsthand how desperate some of the situations are.  Communities have faced restricted water supply, food insecurity, poverty, and severe natural and man-made disasters due to years of mistreatment of both the land and its inhabitants.


Our Mission is to work with communities to alleviate the suffering caused by inadequate access to clean drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, education, electricity, a proper food source, and any other problem identified by the community.  More specifically our Nonprofit organization plans to target all aspects of deficiencies within communities instead of focusing on only one facet of the problem. 

Fundamental Needs also recognizes other communities (Colonias and other demographics within the United States) experience neglect and suffering. One day we hope to have built an organization with the infrastructure and resources to affect change across all different walks of life.

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Meet the Team

Justice Ramos

Executive Director


Jennie Ramos

Board Chairman

Kashon Harrison

Public Relations Executive

Joe Ramos

Board member

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