​1/3 of the population on the Navajo Reservation does not have access to safe drinking water or sanitation.

15,000 homes do not have electricity making up 75% of all unelectrified households in the United States.

Only 13  grocery stores exist on the Navajo Reservation (27,000 square miles)

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Tyler Haft

Fundamental Needs is designed to go into communities with questions, not solutions. Instead of coming with a one size fits all solution, we ask the community what it is that they need most and start to develop our plans from there.



Water/Food Sovereignty

More than 2 million Americans live without basic access to safe drinking water and sanitation. 35.2 million Americans live in food-insecure households. 9.0 million adults lived in households with very low food security. 5.3 million children lived in food-insecure households in which children, along with adults, were food insecure. Imagine a life where water isn't just a turn of the faucet away and you struggled to even fill your child's stomach.


Project Water involves building off-grid water systems to supply clean, running water to families in need.

The Food Sovereignty Project will include a farmer's market greenhouses, greywater gardens and a plethora of educational resources.




Education is crucial to making a lasting impact. With the help of the University of Arizona Extension Program we will be providing the communities we serve with a variety of educational resources. There will be classes available both online and in person covering topics on agriculture, land management for food production, water security on the Navajo Nation, water catchment, water harvesting, gardening, land restoration, community food systems, and traditional farming techniques. Fundamental Needs will also provide access to financial literacy classes any ,if possible, any other class that may be requested.



​Currently, Fundamental Needs is deployed in the Denver area to help with the Marshall FIre. Additionally, we have delivered 1500 food boxes, 30 tons of firewood this season, hundreds of jackets, and built several off-grid water systems for elders on the Navajo Reservation.




​The selling of handcrafted goods has been a source of income for families for generations.  However, with covid shutting down the local markets these families have been left out to dry. We want to help support these families by selling their goods on our site.  This is a unique opportunity to help families and to help support our cause at the same time. 




​The Navajo reservation has been deeply affected by the loss of the coal plant in the Four Corners area.  Due to this unfortunate situation, many have been left without a proper heat source for winter.  We intend to change that; first by providing them with an immediate fix by delivering firewood and then by implementing a sustainable long-term solution to their heating needs. 

About 15,000 homes do not have electricity on the Navajo Reservation. They make up about 75% of all unelectrified households in the United States. Project Power aims to change that by providing access through solar panels and other green alternatives.

Fundamental Needs builds off-grid water systems and greywater gardens for families and elders that have lived their whole lives without running water or electricity. This year we are also tying in an educational aspect to it. The kids at the local high school will now build and install our systems and then circle back to learn about the topics involved (plumbing, solar, agriculture, and financial literacy). Additionally, Fundamental Needs Provides assistance with immediate needs such as firewood, water hauling, and food boxes. Lastly, we are expanding to help with disaster relief starting with the Marshall Fire. 

About us

​Fundamental Needs was formed to combat the inequalities caused by oversight and neglect. The founders of Fundamental Needs have all experienced or seen first hand how desperate some of the situation are.  Communities have faced restricted water supply, food insecurity, and poverty due to years of mistreatment of both the land and its inhabitants. As the surrounding states developed, the reservation were forgotten. Corruption and false promises have created an environment where native residents experience a deep dependence on the neighboring states.

Fundamental Needs also recognizes other communities (Colonias and other demographics within the United States) experience neglect and suffering. One day we hope to have built an organization with the infrastructure and resources to affect change across all different walks of life.

Our Team

Kashon Harrison

I grew up in Cove, Arizona, and San Juan County and I have experienced firsthand the inequality my family members and neighbor have had to endure.  I am helping to start Fundamental Needs to change the world for the better.

Jennie Ramos

I was raised on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners area and have always had a deep passion for helping families in need.  Starting A non-profit like Fundamental Needs has always been a dream of mine and now with your help, we can make it a reality.

Joe Ramos

Growing up life wasn't always easy.  I know what it's like to struggle to get the bare necessities.  Now that I'm in the position to give back to the world I intend to do just that.  With Fundamental Needs, my hope is that we can reduce some of these struggles so many experience.

Justice Ramos

I was first introduced to humanitarian work at the University of Colorado. I had a teacher and mentor working in Colonia's (or slums) in Texas. After that experience, I made up my mind that I would make a career in non-profit work. Starting Fundamental Needs was my opportunity to do just that and I hope that we can make a real impact on people's lives.

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