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Growing up in the Four Corners area,  we saw first hand the needs and struggles of some of our neighbors. During the pandemic, it became evident how dire some of the situations in the area have become.  We were able to talk with friends about how hard things have been for them and despite some help being offered, it's far from enough. 


We started to look at some of the areas where more help is needed and that's when we came up with the idea to create Fundamental Needs.  The pandemic has created hardship for everyone around the world but we seek to alleviate some of this pain.  During the pandemic, lockdowns were created for safety but the side effect of this act was disastrous.  People have had a hard time just getting the essentials.


Fundamental Needs plans to work closely with our neighbors to offer immediate help and more permanent assistance.  We one day hope to be able to affect change across all different walks of life.


I was raised on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners area and have always had a deep passion for helping families in need.  Starting A non-profit like Fundamental Needs has always been a dream of mine and now with your help, we can make it a reality.


I grew up in Cove, Arizona, and San Juan County and I have experienced firsthand the inequality my family members and neighbor have had to endure.  I am helping to start Fundamental Needs to change the world for the better.


Growing up life wasn't always easy.  I know what it's like to struggle to get the bare necessities.  Now that I'm in the position to give back to the world I intend to do just that.  With Fundamental Needs, my hope is that we can reduce some of these struggles so many experience.


I was first introduced to humanitarian work at the University of Colorado. I had a teacher and mentor working in Colonia's (or slums) in Texas. After that experience, I made up my mind that I would make a career in non-profit work. Starting Fundamental Needs was my opportunity to do just that and I hope that we can make a real impact on people's lives.